Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mining in Paradise ,Best Minecraft servers?

Mining in Paradise ,Best Minecraft servers?

Mining in Paradise, Best minecraft servers? maybe...

This minecraft server is quite good... it has Capture the Flag, Hunger Games,
and many more things to do... and many more things coming!
but this server is quite, how shall we say, they are constant %25
off donation Shoutouts and everything is screaming vote for us
and donate and we will give you everything!

i think for a vote you get 6 xp levels, $6000, 24 diamonds and God mode... i didn't ask about the
God mode, but that is what it said on the sign!
so judge for yourself... ill add the mining in paradise server description below

"Description: MobArena, Chestshops, Powerful Economy, PVP, Factions, Creative, Ultimate Greif Protection, Biggest Football feild, HugeBuilds, Mob Disguise, MultiVerse, Casino, Lottery, Lockette, and WorldEdit.

This is a Epic server! We have taken minecraft and made the game even better here! We use state of the art hardware that will make you not lag at all. We are an experienced server with dedicated Owners and Administrators.

The Owner of this server is nickie_G1010

We use some of the best plugins known to bukkit servers. We have essentials, mob arenas, spleef, mob disguise, and plenty more for everyone to enjoy.

We have Multiple Worlds on this server. We have PVP, Economy, Creative, and soon to be Factions.

Donators are such a great help and make it so we can be upgrading ram constantly. They get special powers that not everyone has.

This server can hold up to 100 slots, but we are willing to expand if we get more players. 

Finally if you want a server where mods don't ignore you, please come here. We have mature Greeters, Mods, and Admins to help everybody out with protecting land for free or reporting any bad people roaming around (Which we never have).
See you all at Miners Paradise! "

So check it out for yourselfs!


  1. I was banned for flying when I lagged in parkour :( im 11 and i dont even know how to get this fly hack thingy :((((

    1. Im sorry about that! you can come check out my server! i try to be as fair as possible! (o my server is the one on the top of the page)

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