Sunday, October 14, 2012

CapitalWorld! (little minecraft server) small server

CapitalWorld! (little minecraft server) small server

Today ill be posting on another small minecraft server Capital World!
in my words this is nice little minecraft server with some active players!
not as many shops as i like, but a enough to get by!

Description by CapitalWorld
"Description: CapitalWorld MineRealms are BRAND NEW server up 24/7 hosted in Sydney, NSW. Tired of the endless rows of chat found in other populated servers? Join the peaceful quietness of our server!

We are on a 1.3.2 world with all the essential bukkit plugins + more!

We strive to bring you a lasting MC experience and griefers etc. are not tolerated here. As a result, we have installed rollback plugins and MCbans for your enjoyment.

Feel free to sign up to our website and forums! We welcome anybody from anywhere, however the CapitalWorld MineRealms community are made up of mainly Australians.

go to:

Why wait? join today:


CapitalWorld MineRealms Team"

this kinda says it all!
so if this sound like fun check it out!

IGN antares330

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