Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Epic Minecraft server (server name is epic) :)

Epic Minecraft server (server name is epic) :)

Today i will be talking about Epic minecraft server (that is the real name!)

how epic it is is questionable... the only way to make money is to pvp, you can pvp with your own or certain places with kits some places you lose you items other places you dont,  they sell stuff super cheap at the mall,
and you can enchant you items with money(in-game or real, although i don't) up to level 127 and the enchants add $100 per level...

I have sharpness 32 looting 24 and Fire aspect 18...and my bow is super awesome as well, so i'm really bored because i do have awesome weapons and there is not much to work for...  some like working for their items and some don't...
and for any that wish to join this server and have alot of items you can duplicate items by taking a enderchest into a war hub where you take your own items... place you items inside then leaving the zone... and it will duplicate your items!



You might see me there (if im bored of other servers)

IGN: krafter456
IGN: antares330
My Brothers IGN: VwCM
my brother plays on this server more then i do :)

O and one last word... any donators can't be BANNED (or it is very difficult)
so they can kinda do what they like!


  1. Nope this server sucks! Wtf worst server ever (ok not worst, but its pretty stupid)

  2. This sever is prety lame, i played for a Week then got bored... nothing to do