Monday, October 1, 2012

Thrownalive minecraft server

Thrownalive is a minecraft server that has anything from pvp arenas to hunger games to Mob arenas!

owner is on a decent bit! a good looking spawn...

a quick note about the mob arena... there is only 1 class right now!

In this server like many others, this server gives money for voting!
and also had no lag when playing on this server! also has economy!

website is:

IP :

Server seems to be down at the moment! try mine at IP:


  1. OMFG I LOVE THIS SERVER and im hungry

  2. i would be hungry... but i just finnished making me, my parents and siblings STEAKS!
    and yeah the server is pretty good server!

  3. I love the server its my dream to become an admin. this server has let me learn i was a grifer but when i got on i learned. max if your reading this thank you. maby my dream will become true