Saturday, December 15, 2012

Trouble in Mineville, Minecraft server!

Trouble in Mineville, Minecraft server!

Trouble in Mineville i just discovered and is FANTASTIC fun!
TRAITOR, DETECTIVE or INNOCENTS are the three classes that are randomly
given to each person (except traitor which you can buy passes!)

the whole point of the game is, the innocents and the detectives have to find the
traitors before the traitors kill all of the innocents and detectives!~

each server hosts 24 people max!   and fill up rather fast!

but if you get in late or die you can fly around and spectate but when your playing
you can not see any of the spectators!

the server ips are

US hosted servers :
for more servers and maps replace the "1" with a number 1-20
EU hosted servers :
and if you need more servers... you know the drill!

If you got any questions heres the website!

I might see you there!
IGN: antares330

Thanks for stopping by

Look up the "hive" it includes this minigame!


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