Saturday, October 13, 2012

Anti-Grief Nation (little minecraft server)

Anti-Grief Nation (little minecraft server)

this post is about a  little minecraft server named anti-grief nation!
the Reason i like this little minecraft server is because this server taught me all about minecraft
(yes it was quite a while back)

Older Post about anti-grief nation!  is the website
and ip is

the owner is closeknight and there are a few co-owners

if you need more info check out the website or the other post!

have a question? leave a comment below!


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  2. Hey, i found this server while searching for anti grief nation server, (which apparently doesn't exist anymore) but it turns out that that was my first server as well, where i learned how to play! anyways, great to meet someone from anti-grief nation, and my IGN is monkeyman9832 if you remember me at all.