Sunday, October 14, 2012

Kwest craft minecraft server, little minecraft server.

Another post on one of my favorite server!  KWESTCRAFT! a little minecraft server...
i love this server! its is quite good...
it has a nice mix going on! their saying can say it better then me
"Community Vibe: A good balance between building
with friends and fighting hardcore pvp faction style."
this is one of the best little minecraft servers out there... 
great commuinity and great owner :) he is on quite a bit... 

and also this is a towny server! for all you towny people (you know who you are:):)

KwestCraft Server IP:
Server Website: No website

Server Playstyle: PvP/Survival/Hardmode 

so hope to see you at this fine little minecraft server!

This server was removed by the owner :( 

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