Monday, August 27, 2012

Minecraft Sever! with IP! Kwestcraft

Minecraft Server! with IP KwestCraft

KwestCraft Server IP:
Server Website: No Website
Server Playstyle: PvP/Survival/Hardmode

Public Server Implementation: CraftBukkit Host Style/Uptime: 24-7

Dedicated Server Age: Brand new, about 2 months Notable plugins
(that players should care about): Towny/Lockette/Jobs/BOSEconomy/Anti-Xray/Anti-Cheat

Community Vibe: A good balance between building
with friends and fighting hardcore pvp faction style.
PVP is enabled and allowed as is griefing
 Server Occupancy: 10-20 active players
Average Player Load:10 people on at a time on average
Peak Player Load:30 people on at most during peak hours
Current World Size: Unlimited Free Land (how much of the world is taken up?):
 Plenty of space

Just a Quick Screen shot for you guys! you can see some pixel are the PVP arena and
                                                             THE KWEST CRAFT SIGN!!

This server was removed by the owner :(