Saturday, May 9, 2015

1.9 Combat update

1.9 is coming, and it is the Combat update... here are a few of the things we have good enough evidence to believe will be in it...

4 New types of arrows... and a quiver?!
Dinnerbone released a coded picture, which was decoded to reveal a quiver and 4 new arrows

Its pretty hyped in the Minecraft world, but should it be?

More arrows, sure sounds fun, quiver? Seems like it's becoming more and more complicated for new players. Which is fine, as long as players know they huge learning curve coming into the game!

what else?

I've heard say, Path blocks for villages, and saw a screenshot, but could have easily been false...

Regardless of how this goes on, I hope to see Mojang keep combat as Great as it is now!
Hope you enjoyed the article!
Justin (IGN: Antares330)

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