Thursday, May 7, 2015

Ditto PvP GONE?!?

A while back I was playing almost everyday (for a bit there) on Mineslam on Ditto PvP

I loved it, completely fair, no Gold gapples coming into play, no pots, no soups, just PvP straight up, there were no PvP advantages, even for donators. They most likely decided its not worth hosting that doesn't bring in donations in to pay for itself.

If you have heard, they shut it down, (Only Ditto PvP) but what can players do about it? well me as a Player have a server, so I modeled it as close as possible (besides the map) and added it to my network! without further talking here is the IP

IP: PigPvP

Run into the KitPvP portal when you get there (I call it ditto PvP, because most people don't know what Ditto PvP is...)

If you don't care about ditto PvP we have some other things to do!
Enjoy the NEW Ditto PvP!
Justin (IGN: Antares330)

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