Friday, April 17, 2015

1.8.4 Changes

Minecraft 1.8.4 has come out, and for many it means very little, others like myself, was Curious as to what they changed in 1.8.4, and why use it instead of 1.8 - 1.8.3, when I saw it updated to 1.8.4 I checked what was updated in the Minecraft launcher and then proceeded to go and check on Google, because of lack of info in the launcher...

On Mojang's official website, they listed a few more "notable fixes" including...

1. Pets were following spectators...
2. Vines not growing into corners correctly
3. Certain characters not being typable
4. Nether portals placement of the player
5. Duplicated Items
6. Malicious clients can force a server to freeze
7. Malicious clients can force a server to go out of memory
8. User Has joined shows multiple times

Notice I've put 5-7 in bold, because these are the main things I will be discussing...

#5 is the most important that I've seen, and is done with TnT and a container of any sort (I've seen it done with a chest, and a hopper). When done just right, when exploded, it will drop a diamond with the number 0 beside it, and when put into a dropper, will continue to drop diamonds forever... (every time it drops 1 diamond, it will make the number -1 more... so if you run it for a while it might go up to -1000 (and it shown in a red color))

For me, the possibilities are endless for this kind of glitch, but for those of you that don't run a server, here is why you shouldn't be using glitches like this...

It ruins a server... Not many people know this, but when a glitch is used, the economy and the PvP on that server is messed up... people can create items at will if they only have 1 item, so they can create anything they like, and sell to shops, and to other players, at no cost to themselves, what is the problem with this? If the items that are normally rare, turn into easy to get items, then all the goals that the players had, are gone, and don't matter anymore... which means, all the players will think its fun for the first day, or maybe 3, but by the time the first week rolls around, most of the players will be bored, and quit. this is a problem, and is the reason server owners/staff ask that you report any glitches you find.

#6-#7 are important, but I'm a bit unsure of how major these bugs were, personally I never saw these be used, but I'm assuming larger servers have...

I hope you enjoyed my article!

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