Saturday, August 11, 2012

Minecraft Server Owncraft IP

Minecraft Server OwnCraft IP

Hello Minecrafters!                                                    
IP for Own Craft  
this is Antares finding the best servers for you!!                                                                          
        First on my list is Own craft with a variety of fun things to do!                          
included are

        1.Hunger games
        2.Mob Arena
        4.CTF (coming soon)
        5.Great staff!
check out the website @

IP is

iredrumi and deagol1 are the owners
Server has 100 slots with NO LAGG!!

Come check it out My Favorite Server right now!
(IGN antares330)

Hope to see you there!

EDIT: this is now a Tekkit server!

EDIT:EDIT: This server has gone through more changes as well as 1 of the Owners dying, but it is now a Survival.
EDIT:EDIT:EDIT and its Tekkit, sorry for confusion!

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