Saturday, January 5, 2013

LegacyCraft Minecraft servers

LegacyCraft Minecraft servers

Discription provided by the server

"Are you tired of servers with harsh admins and moderators? do you want things to be more fair? well than this is the server for you. our staff are kind and trustworthy. we want to create a server where you don't have to worry about harsh punishments and cruel words. we want you to have fun! :D this is a perfect server to start a new Legacy!
Plugins installed on server:Essentials, NoCheatPlus, stargate, worldedit, groupmanager, worldguard, enjin plugin
Server IP Address - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play:"
This is a Awesome little minecraft server in need of people!
They have a nice staff!
fun parkour and shops!

Hope to see you there!

EDIT: After seeing this server go down (Im not the Owner), I decided to leave this up as a memory, but also, if you need a new server to join, join mine... or PigNetwork.NET

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