Thursday, February 28, 2013

Minecraft Review

                                 My Minecraft Review

If you've heard a lot about Minecraft and were wondering if it was for you, read on because I will give you my perspective on Minecraft, before I go into this review let me tell you I love the game and have been playing for a few years now, on with the review.
Welcome to a world of endless possibilities and a land that never ends, a world to explore, mine, build and fight in. Here the sky is not the limit, it goes beyond the sky!
Welcome to Minecraft.
I will show you around a few of the areas I like in this game, number one, like I said earlier "the world is endless" this is very true (I’ve never seen the end of the world) I've heard there might be one although they say it’s about a million times as far as I've ever been. I love mining, ever since a friend of mine told me about it, I thought "hmm I bet this is full of glitches" and it really didn’t have many glitches, although I've found a few, there aren’t many and there is great support on getting them fixed!
        Mining is one of the greatest parts about this game, as the world above ground is generated the underground is as well! Along with the dungeons and abandoned mineshafts (generated like this not by real players, they are generated by the code!) you can go for hours just mining and collecting all the goodies earth has!
        Another fun thing to try is building. Building can be even more time consuming then the mining and its just as endless as the world, because you can build anywhere in the world, as long as you have materials to build. If you’re not much of a fighter you can just start in creative, the monsters can't hurt you and you have infinite resources without mining for hours so you can focus on building your mansion!
         I love a challenge and Fighting gives me that challenge, whether it’s fighting monsters in single player, or with 100 friends online. Or you can duel the same friends in teams, with all the new plug-ins being released for this game (by third party programmers) the ways you can fight with or against your friends never stops!
        Lastly the amount of servers you have for Minecraft is AMAZING! Some sites claim to be tracking over 10,000 servers, and there are many more out there not posted on these sites! 
There are my reasons for Loving the Game Minecraft (although I don’t have the Xbox version I know people that do and love it) it might be a bit different but fun all the same!
       Thanks for stopping by! 

Edit: I still love minecraft, as do many others, if you need a server to join, check out mine :D IP: or PigNetwork.NET

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